Escape Room Design

For my most recent project "Project ANA" we're making a first person adventure game with Visual Novel elements and Escape Room segments. Being a huge fan of puzzle design and escape room games myself I took on the challenge of designing fun and achievable escape rooms.

Below is an example of one of the escape rooms that I designed for our project.

Escape Room 2: Morgue


The player will be locked with two other clients in the morgue. To escape they need to trust each other. The main attraction in this room is the transporter. It is used to transport dead bodies to different areas in the room but during the puzzle it requires a living person to be transported.


--- Walkthrough ---


  • The lock on the exit reads: “BODY INVESTIGATION INCOMPLETE”. It will only open once a body has been investigated in the examination room.
  • Player investigates the Control Panel for the transporter and finds out there’s no power
  • Player investigates the power supply and a puzzle must be completed to turn on the power.
  • The transporter is now turned on but reads “BODY NOT FOUND”. Someone must take place on the transporter’s bed. and the main character is the one who has to do it.
  • (Choice) The main character has say in who will operate the transporter.
  • The Main Character will be transported to “Chamber 1”. Which is the Shower Room.
  • To open the door from the inside the player must turn on the showers to loosen the shower tiles. One suspicious one looks loose.
  • Player find a bottle of sodium on the equipment rack
  • Use the sodium on the tile to break it. A small control panel reveals and can be used to open the door.
  • Player is reunited with the other two clients, the transporter returns and “Chamber 2” is unlocked on the control panel of the transporter.
  • Player goes on the transporter again and goes through the hatch to the examination room.
  • Player investigates the exit of the examination door from the inside and it opens. The client who operated the transporter comes in and then the door is closed by the other salty client who is now angry. The door is now locked from both sides. and the display next to the door says “PLACE BODY ON BED”. Which means the someone has to take place on the examination bed to open the door.
  • The operator client takes place on one of the beds in return. But then the robot arms start moving “DISASSEMBLING BODY IN 5 MINUTES”.
  • You have to solve a puzzle on the computer to stop the disassembling. And then the other client is saved and the door is opened. The general exit door is opened too because the examination is done.

--- Floorplan ---

The placement of the props are not final.

--- Puzzle Supply Puzzle Details ---


In this puzzle you have to connect the lazers to the middle in the right color.  Do this by rotating the mirrors.

--- Examination Room PC Puzzle ---


Spot the differences within the time limit.

Assetlist props


--- General ---






--- Morgue---