Escape Room Conversation Editor

Ideally, we don't want the level designer having a hard time implementing the dialogue scripts. They should be intuitive to implement and easy to edit.  With the in-editor Xml Editor script anyone can easily make complex dialogue events. Once the forms are filled the code in the back-end will make it funtional. Below is a small video demonstrating how to use it and how it's used in action in our game.

The tool can do complex things like changing objects in the scene, picking up objects  adding them to your inventory, open up various puzzles or menus, etc.
For really specific events you can use the  "Progress Scene". This will call another method  from the SceneSettings of which you can specify the name of in the Parameters. This shouldn't be needed often but just making sure that anything is possible.

Below are various other effects. What they really do must be doceumented and passed down to the level designer so he knows what they really do.