Dynamic Audio

Sound design is easily overlooked by many indie-developers. The studios that nail audio however really stand out. Games such as Ori and the Blind Forest  and  To The Moon are games with memorable soundtracks that make the immersion complete. As a video game designer and composer I look for various ways to make the sound feel good for any moment in the game. 

During a gamedevelopment project at school I experiemented with Dynamic Audio. Dynamic Audio means that the intensity of one track matches the current intensity of the gameplay. I took inspiration from NieR: Automata which utilizes this concept beautifully. The idea is that we have one composed track arranged in different layers of intensity. The game will decide the intensity of the gameplay and will call the SoundManager to play the matches layers of the track.

Here's an example of a track I composed.

Play with it yourself (WebGL)


This feature was used in a schoolproject. In this stealth-game the intensity of the music tells the player if he's been spotted, or if enemies are nearby.


In the video to the right you can see a prototype version of the game in which we switch intensity based on where you are in the map and if you are interacting.